Come Along Pond!

amy pond

In order to have enough money to pay the bills, I teach math. This isn’t the ideal situation I imagined for myself and my BFA, but my students are a constant source of inspiration, and my dip-ass boss’s ridiculous behavior at least keeps me motivated to continue drawing and not become complacent with “just teaching”.

How does that relate to Amy Pond though? Well, one of my students is a MEGA Doctor Who fan. She’s 8, adorable, and we spend most of her tutoring sessions talking about how Doctor Who makes us cry. It’s a beautiful thing. It became even more fantastic when she got me an action figure set featuring the Tenth Doctor, Rose, and Cassandra. It was such an unexpected and awesome gift, and a wonderful moment to remind me that while I’m not where I want to be career-wise, I’m not exactly suffering at the hands of my students either.

The creation of the above drawing came about as a thank you to my student. She proceeded to hang it above her bed and informed me that after she did that, she stopped having nightmares. At that point, my heart pretty much exploded in a cascade of butterflies and rainbows with sprinkles on top.

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  1. Oh, man. Between this and the ID channel special I just saw about a dog who saved his human’s life from a murderer, I am about ready to let those tears flow. This is a really wonderful reminder of how things that are seemingly mundane on the outside can bring a lot of joy.

    Teachers and bosses are typically obnoxious. Every once in a blue moon, we meet an instructor or manager who really inspire us. However, from my days of tutoring… It was the students who left a lasting impression. So adorable your student put the picture above her bed!

  2. Dude, it’s one of those kinda evenings. I read that blog post Neil Gaiman wrote about his dog passing away, and I cried like a baby. It’s definitely those small moments that hit us in the feels the hardest. I suppose that’s what makes them beautiful, because even when shit is going to hell, there are situations or people – or animals – that can bring out the best in you despite outward circumstances.

    And she really is the cutest thing. She told me I looked really happy today. She’s like the empath queen of 3rd grade. Hahaha

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